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Make a Trip to Israel






Israel has suffered in recent years from a lack of tourists due to the very complex political situation. Israel is sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity (and is also called the Holy Land); therefore, finding sites of interest for a variety of religions and tastes should not be too difficult.


The Task


In this activity you will plan a trip to Israel and produce a tourist brochure to attract tourists. Focus on the major tourist sites in the north, center and south of Israel.


The Process


Form a group of four students. Each one will be responsible for a different aspect of the tour.


Plan a tour which will include the north, center and south of Israel. Cut on expenses whenever possible; avoid 5 star hotels and expensive restaurants.


 For each part of the trip decide the following:


Ø     where to go and what sites to see.

Ø   what hotels or hostels to stay at.

Ø   where and what to eat.

Ø   what clothes to bring for that time of year.

Ø   how to get around the country.




Plan your trip while catering for the following needs:


ü    The artistic: this person prefers to visit in museums, exhibitions and art galleries.


ü    The adventurous: this person prefers to go on hikes, climb mountains, see nature, go scuba-diving, etc.


ü    The shopper: this person loves to shop and prefers to visit busy streets and with shopping malls.


Do not forget to integrate maps and pictures in your brochure.











 Welcome to Israel



All of Israel








The Dead Sea



You can also use other sources (in English only): guide books, tourist information from Travel Agencies, Airlines, local Tourist Offices, etc.





1.      All the components of the brochure are completed.

2.    Brochure is very organized, written in good English and is easy to understand.

3.    Brochure is very aesthetic and includes pictures and maps.



1.      All the components of the brochure are completed.

2.     Brochure is organized but missing some information. The English is good but has some mistakes.

3.    Brochure is aesthetic. Includes at least 2 pictures and 1 map.


Needs Improvement:

1.      Not all the components of the brochure are completed.

2.    Brochure is not organized, many mistakes in fluency and accuracy.

3.    Brochure is not aesthetic. Does not include neither pictures nor maps.




Israel is a fascinating country both in tradition & culture. By getting to know Israel better, we can learn to appreciate the remarkable opportunities that this country can offer and become more attached to it. Hopefully, this activity will encourage us to contribute to the domestic tourist industry as well as become better spokespeople for our country.





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